Passionate and proactive property management that makes or landlords smile

By Anna Main, Director of Commercial Asset Management at Landwood Group

Whisper it, but there are a lot of reasons for landlords to be feeling ultra positive right now.

We have all read that business uncertainty is at record levels due to a mix of local and global factors. However, set against this backdrop it is clear that many property owners are enjoying a boom time.

The common denominator across all sectors – office, retail, industrial or residential – is having the right property management in place to maximise the return on your assets.

A multi-skilled team of people who are as passionate about the assets as you are, who know the tenants and their needs and are planning with you for the short and long term gives immediate confidence no matter what the wider economic picture might be.

At Landwood Group, the highly experienced team works to save clients money, whether that is by rates mitigation, rent reviews, lease re-gearing or pre-planned maintenance planning.

That is why we are seeing occupancy in shopping centres hitting maximum in many parts of the UK, why office occupancy is rising in our managed properties at a time when many businesses are downsizing and why industrial unit demand continues to outstrip supply.

In the office sector, we are working with landlords to adapt to the changing needs of companies and their workforces. The hybrid working week means many companies now need less office space, with hot desking being encouraged, so smaller floor space is in high demand. One of our clients has gone from a 7,500 office-based workforce to 4,500 in the office so their need for space is dramatically reduced. Whether it is entire floors of unused office space or self-contained sections, maximising space at the right rates of rent per square foot is a hot topic right now.

A highly-skilled, diverse team can advise on mitigating void rates, including reducing service charges and ongoing void costs for spaces that are no longer in use.

By getting to know the tenants of the buildings that Landwood Group manages, we are able to have honest conversations about their changing needs as well as directly negotiating rents on behalf of the landlords.

Another service for landlords provided by Landwood Group is working with building surveyors in-house on pre-planned maintenance programmes. This takes a long-term view of up to 20 years and assesses the likely wear and tear in different parts of the asset and predicting where work will be required. By planning for this in advance, rental increases or one-off charges can be levied with tenants to ensure that the landlord feels no pain from ongoing maintenance cycles.

By engaging one team of multi-skilled operators, such as at Landwood Group, landlords know we see the big picture for them. We do everything.

At a time of so much uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that some things in the property world are still a definite.

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